Delivery & Installation

Business Interiors of Idaho has an in-house staff that ensures successful delivery and installation of every piece of furniture and system. Watch as offices, meeting rooms, hallways, and everything in between gets transformed by our team of specialists.

Delivery & Installation

Our in-house delivery and installation team are the magic behind the scenes, and our final step in our complete end to end process. Because we have complete control from beginning to end we can take a holistic approach to every project we tackle and allow us to quickly and effectively respond to any unexpected changes, warranty items, or service calls. As our last point of contact with our customer, we understand that it is vital for a seamless, beautiful install to take place to build and maintain customer relationships. Business Interiors of Idaho owns our own 19,000 square foot warehouse that allows us to stage, and prebuild portions of projects for faster and less intrusive on site installs.

  • Installation and Storage
  • Receipt of product
  • Pre-installation storage
  • Product storage
  • Workstation Remodels & Reconfigures
  • Intermarket receiving & installation
  • Final walkthrough
    • Installation site cleanup & wipe down
    • Punch list
    • Warranty Items
  • Repairs and replacements


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